How It Works

With this free educational app, learning becomes fun and effective. Quisii helps you understand your weak areas and master them.


1. Groups

Create a new group or quickly join an existing one via a direct sharable link or by scanning the group's QR code.


2. Quizzes

Create a quiz within a group and invite classmates. Group members can add questions with their answers to a quiz.


3. Learn

All group members can then take the quiz. The more active members within a group, the more learn full it becomes.

Over 200.000 Quizzes Created on Quisii

This app can be used by teachers who want to try a new way of rehearsing topics with their students through a fresh and engaging learning experience. It can also be used by students at university, college, high school and more.

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Quisii is a fun and innovative idea in the educational sector. Quisii makes my classes interactive, and my students love it.

Elisabeth Goossens - Teacher


Since our Biology teacher introduced us to Quisii, we've all been using it like crazy! It works incredibly well for revising the material before an exam. Actually, it helps with everything!

Lisa Lambert - Student


I love Quisii! It's definitely the most helpful study aid I've ever used. I'm already receiving better grades in my exams thanks to Quisii.

David Bogaert - Student

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